Industria di Medicazione - Medical Devices,


was founded in Naples by Dr. Caserta, in 1974. It works as a remarkable farmer in medical devices  market.


In 1992, following the business growth, it built the new production and distribuction factory in Fiano Romano's industrial zone, in the northern area outside Rome, placed in a strategic connection area, thanks to the very closeness with the motorway that connects the north and the south of Italy.


In 1993, Sanipharm enforced its production among the traditional medical devices range, adding some medical devices products as:


Protection Material Surgical Gown Surgical drapes for operating -  Dressing kit -  Vescical Catheterization kit - Hygiene and Incontinence.


Moreover, Sanipharm srl plans and produces a special medical devices range dedicated to the dyalisis sector.


Custom kit -  Awards Fistula - Medication and devices for Exit-Site. The whole production is standard or customized in order to satisfy every single Operator need.


The new productive unity has over 5000 m well-equipped with product's loading and unloading docks , and with warehouse for raw materials' and finished products' storage.


The production workshop is Clear-Room equipped, in compliance with the 93/42 CE Directive.  with class ISO 7 (10.000) Certificate, to guarantee products comply with the european legislation. All the production is made satisfying all the regulations required by the Guarantee System Quality Certificate of the brand "CE" ,which we have achieved..  

For the whole production Sanipharm srl uses only certificate raw materials, medical paper, and  accessories. This choice, joined to oor know-how, is supported by a production plant technologically advanced, that allow us to achieve perfect in quality and reliability.

Our Research and Development Office, costantly in contact with the sector's operators, is seriously engaged in improving and studying new products.

Markets: our main clientele is composed by Hospital Public Body, Military Body, Private Hospital, Dyalisis Centers, Hospital and Parapharmaceutical Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Industries.


All the steril products' range is processed with a sterilisation cycle, validated by ethylene oxide.

All our production is registered in the Italian Board of Health's database.


Italian Bord of Health's Circular 17.02.2010

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